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Gürallar Construction Materials and Chemistry Inc. started business in 1948 within the body of Gürallar Group. The name Gürallar has led the way to the creation of brand values identified with quality and professionalism nationally and internationally by contributing in the social and economical development of Kütahya, the city where it was founded, and environs. As a member of this pioneering family, Gürallar Construction has realized innumerable major projects ever since its foundation. Among the completed projects, there are Ali Bey Hotels, ArtCraft Factories, various residence and school constructions.

During the early years of operation, the company completed various industrial and touristic facilities as well as residence projects, hereby maintaining a well-earned place within the ever growing Turkish construction sector in short time. As a part of the long-established Gürallar tradition, Gürallar Construction still maintains its position thanks to its professional and qualified approach.

Gürallar Construction enjoys the pride of having a say in the future of the sector through completed and ongoing projects, as well as the innovative approaches introduced, the forerunner of which has been the creation of service variety and high efficiency through disintegration of the classical unified construction service into sub-units. This way, services of investment, development, construction-commitment and real estate management can be provided separately by experienced and professional teams when necessary. Hence, clients who would like to get only one or some of these services for their projects have the opportunity of benefiting from the experiences of the deep-seated Gürallar Group, which has made a mark in all the sectors it has been operating in for over sixty years.
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