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Towards a modern future intertwined with the nature...

Gürallar Group gives emphasis on offering innovative products and solutions in the environmental arena for itself, its partners and its clients for over six decades to enhance the ecological balance.

On applying the Group’s primary principle to Gürallar Construction, it is seen that the company operates in the construction sector, which is a major one with respect to sustainability. Answering the need of sheltering, which is one of the basic needs of mankind, the sector also poses the most permanent changes on the nature and the potential threat of damage when the principles of sustainability are not considered. This is where the ethical approach of Gürallar Construction, which creates long term values and services in the corporation sector in the line of its corporate principles and values, is effective. Standing for the responsibility of this approach in every step, the company maintains its accomplishments in its dedication to the perspective of sustainability, although it operates in a most risky sector in terms of environment.

Gürallar Construction uncompromisingly follows and is going to follow these principles of sustainability:
    1. Natural resources should be used responsibly.
    2. The clients should be presented with contemporary and ecologist approaches while a profitable growth is being supported.
    3. Investments and business operations targeting the future urbanization and architectural development within the boundaries of honesty.
    4. Every employee of Gürallar Construction should act as a responsible citizen for the society in every field of operation.

Gürallar Yapı hem şirket politikasıyla hem de çalışanlarıyla belirlediği sürdürülebilirlik esasları doğrultusunda topluma ve doğaya karşı sorumluluklarını yerine getirmek konusunda kararlı ve ısrarcıdır. Modern mimariyi tesis etmekte iddialı olan şirket, sürdürülebilirlik ilkesine bağlılığıyla da modern medeniyetin gelecekteki varlığını güvence altına alacak yenilikçi yatırımlara ve gelişimlere imza atmaya devam edecektir.

Gürallar Construction is decided and persistent in meeting its responsibilities towards society and the nature, in line with the principles of sustainability defined by its corporate politics and its employees.

Ambitious in the establishment of modern architecture, the company is going to keep on implementing innovative investments and developments that will guarantee the future existence of modern civilization through its dedication to the principle of sustainability.

A Case Story on Sustainability
The solution provided by the Gürallar Construction team in front of a dilemma during the construction of Alibey Resort Hotel Side is the substantial evidence of the emphasis given to the principle of sustainability.

Handling nature with care as usual during the construction process of the hotel, the team encounters a problem at the stage of the pool construction. The area spared for the pool is densely covered by trees, which prevents the construction of the rectangular pool. The team of experts has to choose between cutting down the trees to build the pool or to design all over again for not to damage the trees. The decision is clearly the latter: the architects design as such that no single tree on the terrain has to be sacrificed. Thanks to their creative solution, the pool is constructed among and integrated with the trees, hereby saving the trees and creating a much more functional and fun pool compared to those in the classical rectangular shape.

With this creative solution invented by the team, the environment is protected and the sector has profited.

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