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Customer Relationships Follow-up

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) combines the methods and processes of collecting customer related information in the databank, maintaining a sustainable relationship with the customer and transforming these into a profitable relationship both for the customer and the company.

The valuable clients in the Gürallar Construction databank are offered these advantages:
Gürallar Yapı They have the chance to reach the most detailed information concerning the projects –before their declaration- before the rest of Turkey

Gürallar Yapı They can benefit from the projects in terms of finance and consulting services with more advantage,

Gürallar Yapı All their questions and applications related to the projects are replied in the shortest time,

Gürallar Yapı They have the opportunity to guide the projects with their suggestions and critics, and lead the company’s works towards the line desired by the clients,

Gürallar Yapı All the clients who would like to take place through purchase or rental in the projects are thoroughly informed about basic processes such as title deed transactions or mortgage applications for they are included in the company’s database,

Gürallar Yapı They have easy and rapid access to informations concerning their needs through correct analyses,

Gürallar Yapı They enjoy to be remembered in their special days as a friend of the company.
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