Gürallar Yapı
Gürallar Yapı
Enriching the heritage of past into the future...

Having been the cradle of numerous civilizations throughout thousands of years, this is a land incorporating the works of various architectural movements and styles on every corner. This architectural richness designs and defines the habitats of these civilizations, artists and craftsmen that have left them to us; and at the same time proves that a plan for the future centuries was taken into consideration.

Gürallar Construction is aware of this historical consideration on which we are living and feeding from the spirit… Thanks to this awareness, it accepts as its duty to not only answer contemporary demands, but also consider the needs and esthetic concerns of future generations while putting projects into practice.

The company is aware that, in the present, its responsibilities are not limited to meeting the needs and esthetic concerns. It is kept in mind that the importance of respecting the nature, keeping good harmony with it, and maintaining an ecological approach are the social responsibilities towards the present world and the future generations while reaching for its targets.

This is why the mission of Gürallar Construction consists of four key words:
Contemporary, Esthetic, Scientific and Ecological...
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