Gürallar Yapı
Gürallar Yapı
Development Services

Gürallar Construction enjoys a noteworthy experience of long years in the sector by the development and completion of investments in tourism, real estate and industrial facilities. These experiences of development are offered to other investors through a team of experts and sub-units.

Gürallar Construction develops all of the stages from the procurement of the land selected for the real estate investment to the opening of the facility with the team of experts, hereby maximizing the real estate value.

The development services of Gürallar Construction are grouped in four categories:

1- Land Development Services
Gürallar Yapı Land research and procurement
Gürallar Yapı Analyses on the land’s conformity with the planned investment
Gürallar Yapı Determination of the most efficient method of use for the land
Gürallar Yapı Examination of the land’s geographical condition
Gürallar Yapı Examination of the zoning status
Gürallar Yapı Recruitment of the zoning status
Gürallar Yapı Regulatory operations i.e. amalgamation, allotment, etc…

2- Investment Development Services
Gürallar Yapı Investment Feasibility
Gürallar Yapı Theme Project Evaluation
Gürallar Yapı Location Analysis
Gürallar Yapı Market Research and Competition Analysis
Gürallar Yapı Customer Profile Evaluation
Gürallar Yapı Investment Swot Analysis
Gürallar Yapı Strategic Planning
Gürallar Yapı Investment Identity Constitution
Gürallar Yapı Assessment of principal marketing strategies

3- Project Development Services
Gürallar Yapı Development of building use method
Gürallar Yapı Unit and field types assessment
Gürallar Yapı Theme Project Development Management
Gürallar Yapı As-Built Project Development Management
Gürallar Yapı Detail Drawings Development Management
Gürallar Yapı Development of prevention methods against geographic facts
Gürallar Yapı Design Coordination
Gürallar Yapı Electric System Development Management
Gürallar Yapı Mechanic System Development Management
Gürallar Yapı Material assessment in line with project identity
Gürallar Yapı Assessment of construction budget

4- Implementation Development Services
Gürallar Yapı Planning, Workflow and Business Program Assessment
Gürallar Yapı Tender system development
Gürallar Yapı Tender making and selection of contractors
Gürallar Yapı Purchase Planning
Gürallar Yapı Process Management Strategy
Gürallar Yapı Süreç Yönetim Stratejisi
Gürallar Yapı Construction Works Coordination
Gürallar Yapı Establishment of Budget and Account Control System
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