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Real Estate Management

With a highly intense customer circulation and the service variety, Hotel Management holds a special place within the real estate management. Providing management services as well as the administration of their hotels, Gürallar Group is globally renowned for its flawless service. Thanks to Group’s experience and dynamism in the field of Hotel Management, Gürallar Construction adopts reaching for maximum efficiency as a principle in Real Estate Management services. Within the frame of self-devised real estate projects, the company offers its experiences of Integrated Plant Management to customers.

Being aware that the major factor contributing in the real estate value is the customer satisfaction and regular maintenance, Gürallar Construction provides maintenance, improvement and recruitment services of the entire building within the frame of Real Estate

Management services
Minimizing facility management costs with a professional team of experts, the company maximizes customer satisfaction and contentment at the same time.

Services given within the body of Real Estate Management:
Gürallar Yapı Security Services
Gürallar Yapı Sanitation Services
Gürallar Yapı Technical Support Services
Gürallar Yapı Reception and Welcoming Services
Gürallar Yapı Assistant Support Services
Gürallar Yapı Landscaping and Maintenance Services
Gürallar Yapı Social Facilities Management
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